We have a talented team of fabricators, designers & engineers from a diverse background of industries which enables us to take on all forms of designs. By using our creative skills & that of our customers we believe we are the perfect choice for any project you may have no matter how large or small.


Each item of furniture we produce is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. We have designed and fabricated many different types of metal furniture. Why not add an SE Fabrications chair or table to your interior space for a contemporary and stylish finish?

Custom Art Designs

Our custom art designs – including sculptures and architectural embellishments – can be an intriguing addition to many different projects. Contact our team today and get your own custom art design moving from concept to reality.

Decorative Metal Work

Our decorative metal work can add a touch of style and intrigue to any space, whether inside or outside. As hardwearing as they are attractive, our pieces of decorative metalwork are always a fantastic choice.

Boat Handrailing

Boat handrailing is an important safety features of any vessel, helping to protect its users from falling overboard. These hand rails are essential for safe embarkation of ships, boats and submersibles.

Creative Concepts

SE Fabrications’ experts have worked on many different creative concepts and builds over the years. From sculptures and art projects to prototypes and more, we have the skills to assist in your individual application.


Our creative and custom signage is currently being used by businesses and other institutions throughout the region. We can create signs from several different metals to achieve the look and finish you desire. Ask about our signs today.

Decorative Wall & Flooring Grills

Drainage and ventilation don’t have to be boring! Our decorative wall and flooring grills add a touch of sophistication and style to any space. We use only high-quality metals with professional finishing to achieve the correct look and feel.

Exhibition & Display Stands

Exhibitions are a place to showcase your brand, company or personal identity. A high-grade metal display will not only look fantastic but will also stand the test of time. SE Fabrications has previously produced many different display stand designs.


We have previously worked with businesses and individuals across the whole of the UK. Our team members have the experience to assist your engineering or manufacturing project every step of the way. Why not contact us using the link below?

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