Here at Steeleson Fabrications we can design, build & install a variety of items needed in an industrial environment, from heavy duty work benches & racking to safety barriers, enclosures & mezzanine floors. We take on all project from start to finish & are happy working to customer designs or ideas to producing the designs our-selves using our in-house team, we aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive service second to none.

Safety Barriers

Our safety barriers restrict access on walkways and other potentially hazardous areas. Simply fit a barrier to protect workers and members of the public from vehicles, sudden drops in elevation and more. Ask about our high-quality metal safety barriers today.

Frame Work

Our sturdy frameworks are built using only the highest quality materials and components. Whatever your project, you can rest assured an SE Fabrications frame will be both practical and fit-for-purpose. We have previously designed and fabricated many different types of frame.

Mezzanine Floor

A mezzanine floor can add useable floor space to virtually any warehouse or large interior. Practical in garages, showrooms and much more, SE Fabrications’ mezzanine floors are built to last and expertly fitted.

Safety Enclosures

In power stations, petrochemical plants and similar environments, it is often prudent to restrict access with safety enclosures. This can be particularly important for protecting members of staff and the public from hazardous areas.

Safety Systems

Our safety systems help to protect personnel from injury caused by moving machinery, animals and much more. By restricting access to high-risk areas, we can greatly reduce the likelihood of harm befalling any individuals on the premises.


SE Fabrications has manufactured metal staircases for facilities across the region. We use high-quality materials to produce stairs that will withstand heavy use and remain functional for many years.


Our racking products can help to maximise floorspace and available storage areas in warehouses, factories and relation environments. Make the most of your racking with our high-grade metal storage and distribution products.


The workbench is a mainstay in a multitude of different sectors, from engineering and testing to mechanics and manufacturing. Each of SE Fabrications’ workbenches provides a robust and reliable workspace to help you get the job done.

Mobile Units/Trollies

A mobile unit or trolley is a fantastic choice for industrial or manufacturing areas where mobility and flexibility is key. Each of our related products is built using only sturdy and reliable materials and hand-welded to ensure an outstanding finish.


Fencing not only improves security but also the safety of personnel, particularly near door and road intersections. Ensure your facility is appropriately demarked and made as safe as possible with high-quality fencing from SE Fabrications.


Gating is an indispensable method of improving night time security by reducing access to unauthorised vehicles and individuals. Contact our team today to see how we can manufacture gating to fit virtually any space.


Our walkways are designed with durability and high traffic in mind. Ideal for industrial and manufacturing environments, an SE Fabrications walkway can grant access to otherwise inaccessible areas and can be fabricated to accommodation custom floorplans and more.

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