The Olive Tree Brasserie is a Modern Greek and Mediterranean restaurant in Lytham, Lancashire. The characterful, former bank building has been designed with industrial lighting & exposed copper piping. A centralised copper bar creates both a lively place to drink with friends, granting guests the luxury of celebrating in style and allowing diners to soak up the atmosphere. Steeleson Fabrications was able to create the main bar area along with several distinctive elements for the restaurant.


One of the more eye-catching features in the venue is a storage area which incorporates a bank vault door which was still in its original location from its previous use in the former bank.

We were able to come up with the idea of converting the space into a “jail cell” style look, built around the vault door & giving the restaurant a unique yet extremely practical use of such an unusual element to the building.

With the door fixed into position, we then fabricated a secure metal cell structure around it with a lockable door enabling a security element for the wine & spirits located in there but at the same time giving a visually pleasing factor to the space.

Bar Area

The bar area had overbars frames installed on all sides giving it maximum usage for storage of the large variety of glasses used in the venue, also on show is vast selection of wines & spirits which were given prime viewing space to promote the various drinks available.

The overbars were built in sections using industrial look materials & reinforced throughout to withstand the large amount of weight which they are holding, hanging rails were also added to provide additional storage for wine, gin & cocktail glasses. Each section was then assembled on site before being installed above the copper bar top.

We also manufactured & installed framework in the bathroom areas, hanging feature screens & additional structural steelwork.