Perforated metal changing the look of modern architecture & design.

Perforated metal has long been used in a variety of different industries such as automotive, food processing & industrial in a wide range of applications.

Now the architectural world is using this product more & more due to its ability to combine functionality & strength with stunning visual effects.

Designers can utilize a wide range of finish options as well as patterns in all shapes & sizes to create mesmerizing looks with long-lasting appeal.

The use of perforated material can be used both internally & externally, exceptional levels of detail can be used for creating cladding patterns which can completely cover the outside skin of a building not only in flat but also curved form enabling the look of each building to stand out. Internally it can be used as feature screens, partition walls or even false ceilings with each pattern & finish blending elegantly with any space or surrounding.

Whilst far from being a new product to market, it’s multi-functional usage along with an artistic ability to completely change the look & character of plain & one-dimensional structures, will hopefully be seen in even more prominence in future architectural & interior designs.