Our residential work offers a wide range of metal work for the home, whether it be custom railings & gates built in a wide range of materials to Handrails & Balustrades with high end finishes, we aim to give our customers the perfect look for their home.


Handrails are a simple safety measure which help to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. Stairs can be treacherous, especially when wet, so the simple addition of a hand rail can safeguard against accidents and potential injuries.


Our balustrades are decorative and practical, supporting handrails and providing an aesthetically-pleasing finish. Add a SE Fabrications balustrade for a modern and attractive look on any walkway, balcony or stairwell.

Fencing & Railings

Fencing and railings help to improve safety and restrict access to secure areas. Our fences are currently in use across the UK at a wide variety of facilities. We can fabricate these products to suit your individual requirements; contact our team today to get started.

Disability Ramps

These disability ramps enable access across changes in elevation in a safe and controlled manner. Designed specifically for wheelchair users, our disability ramps help those with reduced mobility to get where they need to be.


Canopies can expand the practicality of outdoor areas, protect cars and gardens from harsh weather, shelter driveways and much more. With our help, you can use outdoor areas for longer throughout the year or never unload the car in the rain again.


Gates add extra security to residential buildings and can be used to restrict access on driveways, paths and more. Our gate products are crafted using only the finest materials and components. Contact us today to discuss your individual gating requirements.


A metal staircase provides a stylish and contemporary finish to any living space. As robust as they are functional, our staircases are manufactured using sturdy and reliable materials. We have previously fabricated stair units for many different types of residential building.

Outdoor Furniture

Our outdoor furniture includes chairs, benches and tables. Weather-resistant and suitable for use all year round, this sturdy and reliable furniture is the perfect addition to any outside space. Browse our collections on our website today.


We have previously worked with businesses and individuals across the whole of the UK. Our team members have the experience to assist your engineering or manufacturing project every step of the way. Why not contact us using the link below?

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